Depending on client needs, CBV has had as many as 52 and as few as 1 freelancers working on a project at a time. Here are a few of the most familiar faces.


She founded the company and handles all client relations. Although she can wear many hats, she directs most video projects.

A talented Director in her own right, Allison shoots and edits with CBV when she’s not working on projects at San Francisco State University.

An editor who always gets to the heart of the story. Ami has over a decade of experience helping clients share their visions.

A recent graduate of Bay Area Video Coalition’s Bridges program, Aress is an editor with finesse. He also shines at both camerawork and sound sweetening.

Talented photographer/videographer with hip-hop stylings. Lately he’s been in high demand for his aerial cinematography.

Edgar is our Assistant Editor extraordinaire. He helps us to keep footage organized and also brings together images, audio, and music for videos and podcasts.

An award-winning documentary Editor, Herb has over 20 years of experience putting together voice, music, and images in the most powerful ways.

Ian is our go-to web guy. He’s a talented illustrator, designer, and can also hack code to fix things when needed.

Talented with both brushes and lenses, this visual artist often shoots photos and video for us.

LaShay & Mauricio
A social media pro, LaShay helped us (and several clients) get our online engagement up and running. She’s off to graduate school at Columbia University, but continues to complete small WordPress tasks here and there.

An amazing cinematographer and producer that brings so much talent and vision to each project he touches.

Samaiyah and Karen
Met West High School Students have interned with the company since 2009. These talented two helped out during the 2013-2014 school year.

Once a student of CB’s, now Vince is the teacher – really! He shoots for us and shares his wisdom with Streetside Productions students in East Oakland. Also, he’s a regional Emmy winner.

Just some of the members of the Community Bridge Video pool of staff & freelancers

Just some of the members of the Community Bridge Video pool of staff & freelancers