Why 3 little videos are better than 1 big one

Probably one of the most common mistakes we see clients make is when they get attached to that one big video idea. Sometimes it’s that they want to document a big event. Other times it’s because they think that it’s better to pool all their money into one special video for their home page. No matter what your business is, you have more than one story to tell, so why limit yourself?

Fixing #OscarsSoWhite

Twitter and Instagram are full of posts about this year’s Academy Award Nominees. In some ways, I feel far away from Hollywood and its traditions, but not completely. I’m a member of the so-called USC mafia, and was mentored and prepped for the kind of success that leads to an Oscar. In addition to working my way up in “the industry” for 12 years as a grip, electric, camera assistant, camera operator, writer, director, producer and more; I also worked as a red carpet videographer watching people get famous and win awards. I’ve seen more friends and colleagues than I can count rise and fall in fame and failure.

I could say the same as some others: The awards are for an elite club, they are a popularity contest, ___ filmmakers of color don’t make quality work, it takes time to make change, or that old white men don’t vote for women and people of color. But all of those are excuses. (And several of them untrue.)

Here’s the truth:  

8 Commitments to Green

It’s been a few years since I made the commitment to run Community Bridge Video as green as possible. It might seem contradictory – a technology company can’t be environmentally conscious, can it? Here’s just some of what we do to increase responsibility and decrease footprint.

Oak Luck Media/Video Support Group Recap

Community Bridge Video founder CB Smith-Dahl runs a “Video Support Group” in Oakland on the second Friday of each month. This group, formerly known as Oak Luck Media/the Oakland Potluck for Media Makers, allows local professionals opportunities to network and broaden the depth of their craft. Here’s a recap of a recent meetup – and all that was shared there.

5 Tips for Video Selfies

This post got us thinking about better ways you can videotape yourself…especially since most computers and phones now contain videocameras.

Here’s our modified list: 5 Ways to Take Better Video of Yourself

1 – Find The Right Camera Distance 
Maybe it’s because youtubers first started blogging with webcams, but most people put the camera too close and too high. Use a tripod (even an inexpensive one like this) and set the camera lens at the right level.

Lessons from TED Talks

For the past couple of years, the SEO trend has encouraged business owners to add a video or two to their website. It’s true that movies or motion graphics can add visual interest and also help to explain your product. But they can do much more. In 2016 we’re encouraging all of our clients to think about how to add multiple videos to their site. TED talks was just an event until they realized how videos could become their brand. Multiple videos become multiple points of engagement.