We’ve helped many clients collect data including Rockman, See Change and Public Profit. Specifically, photos and video can be an effective tool for both collection and review of qualitative data. Our staff has even hacked iTunes to create an effective (and inexpensive) way to organize video, audio, transcripts, and other artifacts.

For the Oakland Fund for Children and Youth (OFCY) we were asked to come up with a participatory, youth-led, research project. In response, we designed an innovative evaluation/social media arts project for youth researchers including interviews, photography, video, collaborative writing, mapping, and blogging. We recruited and trained OFCY YETI (Youth Evaluation Team Interns) in research basics, data display, and digital arts production.

We supervised/Mentored 5 urban male High School students as they implement their research protocol including planning, creating, and editing original photos and audio clips into short movies.

The students mapped key data using HTML embeds in google maps, created a blog to host all of their work, and also made a digital advocacy toolkit with copies of their research and delivered it to State representatives in Sacramento.