Community Bridge Video founder CB Smith-Dahl runs a “Video Support Group” in Oakland on the second Friday of each month. This group, formerly known as Oak Luck Media/the Oakland Potluck for Media Makers, allows local professionals opportunities to network and broaden the depth of their craft. Here’s a recap of a recent meetup – and all that was shared there.

We had a great group in April and started out by watching this short business profile by local production company AVConsultants.

Then we watched the STEAM Girls Camp Promo Video by DD and gave a couple ideas and comments before picture lock. You can see them incorporated here.

Chris Faber & Michael Yip led a demonstration of a great collection of equipment including…
The Lenovo Slider
Canon 5D Mark III
The IDC System
Small HD w/focus assist and false color
and Lights by Cowboy Studio

CB led a short Q&A about GoPro camera basics and then we went back to screening videos.

Sabereh shared her Editor’s Reel (and blew us all away).

We deconstructed the lighting in this conversation with the actors from Interstellar. (Part of some great video journalism work that the Hollywood Reporter has been putting up.)

And we watched a bit of this Cinematography Tutorial: Flags

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